Monday, November 8, 2010

Let's do this.

This is the first blog post I make here of (what I hope to be) many. I really doubt anyone will read or comment on this post, at least for quite some time. But that's ok--everyone has to start somewhere. I really don't mind that this first post will be depressingly empty, because if I ever get even one comment, or two in the future, then I've doubled my viewers.

Of course, you're wondering who I am. "I," am a college student, studying Chemistry. I'll be the first to tell you, I hate chemistry with a deep passion. But hey, it seemed like a good idea in high school. I'm the first of many college students to be so caught up in their original idea of a major to not realize that what you did in an AP Chemistry class in high school might not be the same as college level chemistry. Of course, most of those kids were a bit smarter, and changed majors to something like Business, or Health and Exercise Science. Not me. I'm sticking with it, because I'm only about six hours away from finishing some absurdly hard classes, and then (hopefully) being home free.

What else? I'm a fraternity man, and I'm in ROTC. I won't share with you my fraternity or branch at the moment, though if you dig around on here, you'll probably come across it eventually. I sing quite a bit, though I've never been in choir. Apparently I'm pretty decent, thought to be honest I have no idea.

What is this blog about? I don't know yet... but that's ok. We'll get there. I expect (and you can to) that it will eventually come to be daily musings, interesting articles, funny videos, and everything in-between. I'll likely leave you commentaries on politics, rants about how much I hate running (I do, almost as much as chemistry), or what I just ate--it's not really any of your business what I eat, but I'll share, isn't that what blogs are about?

And then there's you. I wouldn't mind having some feedback and comments every now and then--I'd be glad to come visit your blog too. I'm a busy guy, school and such, but I like to grow by reading what other people have to say.

Anyway, that's that.

Ceremonial first post? ✔


CAE.II said...

Can't wait to check for your new posts man, sounds like this blog is going to be interesting. And yeah, I feel your pain about the major thing, choosing and staying with it is hard...

One.Pissed.Off.Guy said...

I agree man, the choosing my major part sucked, had no idea what to do then i just settled with accounting cause it pays

HTT said...

nice first post. can't wait to see updates !

jura1991 said...

interesting..I want a new post..:)

zon said...

I just started too ! Exciting..

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